How to use OctiFi Pay Later Card?

Just Three
Easy Steps

Load your card and spend at any selected merchants.

1. Plan ahead the amount to spend and pre-load your card.

2. Get 3x the amount of credit you topped up.

3. Find selected merchants to shop at and get discounts!


Enjoy 0% interest and split your payments into 3! It’s super safe because you only pre-load what you want to spend during each ONLINE  purchase. This means that you can buy multiple items in a single transaction from the same e-commerce store. Any unused amount remaining form the top-up will be automatically released back to your card within 24 hours!


Simply click on the [Release Card] button to release your top-up or unused value back to your account immediately. Otherwise, your top-up or unused value will be automatically returned to your account within 24 hours.

You can browse through our merchant listing and look for the Pay Later Tag and spend online on their e-commerce stores.

Only selected merchants with the Pay Later Tag accepts OctiFi Pay later Card. 
Fret not, you can also use our app or magic link to enjoy our 0% instalment payments for merchants who do not accept Pay Later Cards.

Get Singapore's First Paylater card

Enjoy true credit by paying in 3 parts over 3 months for NO EXTRA charges for all your transactions.